Before 'talent' and 'effort,' there is the Learner's Mindset.

Want your kids to be more driven and/or confident?

You've come to the right place. 

Academian Nut is an online life coaching and education company on a mission to instill a growth mindset in students, making them self sufficient and driven to succeed without the push from their parents. 


Here's what we can help with:

Learner's Mindset

A desire to be the best version of oneself. Key values: Curiosity, perseverance, and purpose.

Improving Your Relationship

Normally the first thing you'll notice when you start working with us is a better, more open relationship.

Better Grades

This is the natural result of everything else in "the system" operating as it should.

Helping students cultivate a desire to improve and the belief that they can.

Welcome to Academian Nut

Hey there!  I'm Ava, the founder here at Academian Nut, and my goal is to help parents and students everywhere with these very deep-seated issues: a lack in motivation and low confidence.

Being a "survivor" of both myself, I have come to realize that the answers lie in the determination of the students, and the burdening weight of their environment. 

Through developing a deep understanding of myself and the changes that occurred in me,10 years of experience working with students and parents as a private tutor, and thoroughly researched Psychological concepts, Academian Nut offers products and services that teach students how they should think and educate parents on effective methods of influence for their kids. 

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