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About Us

Academian Nut started out in 2017 as a tutoring company, primarily focused on helping students achieve high academic outcomes.  However, as time went on, our founder, Ava Sharma, started to recognize that the problem students really needed help with went much further than their grades.  That was the problem of a lack of motivation or confidence in students.

In order to solve this problem, however, an even deeper problem must be addressed - the self esteem of students.  Simply giving them logical reasons for why they should aim to do their best was not enough because these issues are more emotional.

To change the way someone feels about their worthiness is no easy task.  Children have a natural tendency towards self blame.  It is imperative for their life satisfaction and fulfillment that they be taught how to think and cope with feelings of failure, and exactly what they should be aiming for.  This is the problem that Academian Nut exists to solve.

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