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ACT Prep

10/27/18    12/8/18

Academian Nut's interactive, live ACT classes and private tutoring options are perfect for every type of learning style.  We provide our students with the mindset to succeed, which is literally the difference between a champion athlete on game day and someone just trying to get a passing grade in gym class.  Our curriculum is heavily focused on test taking strategies that get results.  Another feature of our program is that students have the option of watching sessions for up to 48 hours after the class.  To register for Private ACT Prep, please sign up here.

Virtual webinar course, ideal for mid-range scoring students that are motivated and willing to work for a high score.


Up to 20 students

25 hours of class instruction

3 practice tests

Re-watch sessions for up to 48 hours after.

Group Webinar Courses

Private sessions in combination with the group webinar course provides reinforcement of the course and allows the tutor to customize strategies even more. 

$849 - $999

Ideal for students that:

  • are motivated but struggle with one or two of the ACT subjects in particular.

  • feel they may need more personal attention than the group webinar course alone.

Group + Private Prep

Upcoming Courses:

Screen sharing software with annotation, polling, chat and non-verbal emoji response buttons make virtual teaching very effective.  Each course includes 10 hours of English, 10 hours of Math, and 5 hours each of Reading and Science. 

Group ACT Prep

Can't decide between cost effective ACT Group classes and the personal attention of Private ACT Prep? Then don't.  The Group + Private Prep option is a combination of the webinar option that is sure to cover all the bases.

Package 1:

ACT Group Webinar Sessions

+ 5 private tutoring hours

Flexible scheduling

All course material is included

Package 2:

ACT Group Webinar Sessions

+ 10 private tutoring hours

Flexible scheduling

All course material is included

Group + Private Prep
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