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What is a Learner's mindset?

learner's mindset

A learner's mindset is a way of thinking that promotes resilience and a desire to improve

When a  student believes they are incapable of something, it is because they have a fixed mindset - they don't believe they can change.  A student with a growth mindset, however, is more focused on the things that are still in their control, for example, putting in more effort, and by focusing on what they want to move towards instead of what they are currently and wish they weren't, they start to improve and get closer to their goals.

Improving relationships

Improving parent child relationships

We believe that successful learning has three components - the student, their home environment, and the education that they receive.  Changing their mindset and motivation levels is a big task, one that cannot be done from their education alone, because at the end of the day, they go home and are learning things from their home environment, too.  As adults, there are certain things that we don't realize, for instance, their tendency to self blame, and so, we encourage parents to also take our parent courses, and develop alongside their kids.  

We have seen drastic changes in the relationships between parents and their children within even a week of our instruction!

Academic Success

Academic Success

When a student's mindset is focused on improvement, their failures become opportunities to learn, and thus, regardless of where their starting point is, their grades will inevitably improve.  We do offer some assistance to students in that realm as well, however, as well as suggestions for parents.  

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