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Levels, Subjects, & Specialties


Get the assistance you need and get the results you want!  Experienced one-on-one tutoring that is entirely student paced.  This flexibility allows us to work successfully with advanced students that want to stay ahead as well as students that are struggling to stay afloat in school.


Math, Language Arts, Spanish, certain Sciences and Study Skills.


3rd grade to 12th grade

College level for certain classes in Math and Science.

Learning Differences:

We believe that a Learning Disability is not a disability at all, it is simply a Difference.  Students with learning differences, like everyone else, have academic strengths and weaknesses, and we've found that these tribulations later make up for it by empowering the students when they learn our work-arounds.  They are often told they are not trying hard enough, but we've found that, more often than not, they are working even harder than the students that "get the grades."  It just so happens that the conventional teaching methods taught in school are simply not what the student needs, and with patience, creativity and empathic communication, we work hard to "solve" that need.  

Virtual Tutoring


Besides from the obvious benefit - convenience, there are surprisingly more reasons to take Virtual tutoring seriously. 

We have found that students find it easy to focus.

Most are used to focusing on their phones and laptops.

Easy To Focus

We have done our part to make our programs and sessions more visually interesting

Visually Interesting

Sessions are recorded, so students have the option of replaying sessions. 

re-watch sessions


Our process is simple.  First, click on the link below and complete the form to set up the initial Trial session ($30).  During this session, we will evaluate the student's learning style and current standing for 30-40 minutes, and then confer with you and the student about our recommendations for proceeding.  

New Student Process
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