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How we can help.

Are you having any of these problems with your teen or preteen?

Lack of motivation, A defiant attitude, 

Low self accountability/sense of responsibility, Low confidence, 

Unresolved conflicts, High risk behaviors,

Lack of communication and openness

Do you feel like you've tried it all:

Incentivizing, Punishing, Pleading, Rationalizing, Micromanaging

and nothing seems to work??

At Academian Nut, our goal is to:

Help parents:

  • learn methods of ​influencing that lead to cooperation and respect.

  • better understand how their kids think and make decisions.

  • improve their relationship with their kids.

Help kids (preteen to teen aged):

  • develop a growth mindset - desire to improve is greater than fears, self accountability.

  • feel empowered - high confidence.

  • cultivate resilience. 

  • improve communication skills. ​


  • Private life coaching. 

  • Group coaching - for parents.

To get started, please submit this initial inquiry form.​

Free resources:

Our blog and social media (facebook page>>) are great sources for learning more about the dynamics and psychology behind parent/child relationships.

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